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Duration: 4 months

Responsibilities: Research, Design, Usability Testing

Team: Project for Senior Capstone


Tools: Figma

This case study focuses on the Baut App and the steps taken to design this component of the Baut Company.



RSA Design Brief 2020

The RSA Student Design Awards is a competition for emerging designers that's been running since 1924. We challenge students and recent graduates to tackle pressing social, environmental and economic issues through design thinking.

To read more about the competiton, 

Our Chosen Brief

Brief 4: Right to Brief, which questions "How might we ensure that everyone living in areas with poor air quality is guaranteed their right to clean air?" Our goal is to introduce a business idea which can tackle this brief.

Area of Focus:

Automotive industry in Jakarta, Indonesia




city with worst air pollution in the world


ranked country in the world for having the most toxic air


pollution comes from transportation sector in city


of vehicles driven in Jakarta are motorcycles.

Introducing the Business Idea: Baut

Baut, meaning bolt in Indonesian, aims to promote sustainable means of transportation in Jakarta, Indonesia through an in-person and a cellular experience that can be utilized synchronously or separately. 

The Baut Shop

Converts conventional motorcycles into electric motorcycles by replacing the gas-powered motors with our high quality, powerful batteries manufactured by our partnering company.

The Baut App

Encourages the continuous use of electric vehicles by allowing all EV users, including Baut customers, to have access to all important EV features in one application.

Why Introduce the App

Problem without App

  • Baut cannot survive without successful partnership formulated

  • Cannot guarantee partnering company will agree to their role

  • Does not forecast enough potential for growth and expansion

Solution with App

  • Provides Baut with security 

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Targets a larger target market, good for growth and expansion


Understanding the Target Market

The type of customers whom we are aiming to target with both components of our company are the following;

Image by LinkedIn Sales Navigator

EV Users

Name: Cynthia Rose

Age: 35

Cynthia Rose works at the Bank of Indonesia head office in Jakarta as the CTO. She recently invested in an electric vehicle knowing the savings that come along with the investment, however, since buying an EV, she has had to download multiple apps to achieve different things taking away the EV ease. 

Image by Utopia By Cho

Environmentally Driven

Name: Carlos Mackenzie

Age: 28

Carlos is a full-time masters student at a university in Jakarta and aims to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It takes him 55 minutes everyday to walk to University as he cannot afford to maintain a vehicle. Carlos first handedly experiences the dangerous air pollution levels during his everyday commute but wants to find an easier way to get to school in a sustainable manner. 

Image by Afif Kusuma

Vehicle Enthusiast

Name: Jason Tai

Age: 40

Jason has always been tremendously interested in the automotive industry since he was young. With the recent rise in electric vehicles, Jason wants to add an electric vehicle alongside his gas-powered car and motorcycle but does not want to purchase an entire new vehicle. 

Insights from Primary & Secondary Research

When deciding what features to include within the app, primary and secondary research was conducted to understand what features will be most valued by the users. Primary research was conducted by interviewing 3 individuals currently owning electric vehicles while secondary research was conducted using scholarly/news articles, reports and case studies.

Cost Savings

Primary Research

"My family does not actively note down our savings anymore however, when we first purchased our electric car, it was interesting to see our savings"

- Anonymous, 21, EV owner

Secondary Research

#1 reason that encourages individuals to switch over to EV's is their affordability with regards to maintenance and power recharge.

Locating Charging Stations

Primary Research

""Locating charging stations is the biggest pain and sometimes, there are multiple apps needed to go through in order to locate a specific companies charging stations, it would be nice to have them all in 1 place"

- Jacob, 25, EV owner

Secondary Research

Most EV app's are not equipped with locating charging stations feature, users are forced to locate charging stations through different apps that are solely designed to locate charging stations.

In-Mobile Shop

Secondary Research

According to, customers tend to spend 3 to 4 times longer on mobile apps than desktops and have the lowest shopping cart abandonment rate


Features of the App

Research has confirmed the specific app features that will be most valuable for our app users. Now, I will take you through a more in-depth process taken for each feature, in-specific, the smaller components users will have access to upon clicking on each feature. 

Where did this Feature come from?


This feature allows Baut customers to track their batteries conditions. Its brings together both components, the Baut shop and 

Information Architecture

info sitemapp.png

Mockups and Inspirations

My team and I designed low to high-fidelity wireframes based on the finalized features and information architecture displayed above in order to generate some ideas on the apps appearance and its visual design.

Group 988.png

Visual Design

Tone of App

The Baut business is a social enterprise that aims to provoke change in order to be successful and the success is dependent on the consumers and app users, therefore, the app needs to be attractive, easy to follow along for all types of users and intuitive while successfully being able to meet their needs. The app should evoke feelings of motivation and drive towards fixing this social cause.

Colour Palette

Font and Sizes

H1 - Rubik Medium 20pt

H2 - Rubik Semi-Bold 18pt

H3 - Rubik Regular 14pt





Text Body - Rubik Regular 14pt



Usability Testing

A high-fidelity interactive prototype for the Baut app was designed for usability testing. Below are the highlighted insights and findings from the usability testings.

15 Participants

15 participants were selected to partake in the usability testings.

3 types of Participants

EV users, car enthusiasts and environmentalists were the participants chosen for testing.

3 groups of Tasks

In order to test the main features, 3 groups of tasks were made and

assigned to each participant.

What Worked - Findings

These are the following insights on what the participants worked well.

- Divya Kamanth, EV Owner, 21

Having the map default screen display charging stations is so helpful.

The illustrations and visuals throughout the app really helped in understanding its functionality.

- Naina Jain, Environmentalist, 21


of participants expressed positive reactions towards the potential savings feature.


of the participants said the illustrations contributed positively towards their overall experience of the app.


of participants stated that they would use our app if they were living in Jakarta and operating an EV.

What Didn't Worked - Findings

These are the following insights on where participants thought there could be improvement on.

insights_ iterations.png

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Below are the high-fidelity wireframes of the 4 main features on the Baut App.

Feature 1: Battery Conditions

battery conditions.png
battery conditions 1.png
battery conditions 2.png

Feature 2: Potential Savings

savings 1.png

Feature 3: Map

map 3.png
map 4.png
map 2.png

Feature 4: Shop

cart 6.png
cart 7.png
cart 3.png
cart 5.png
cart 4.png

Interactive Prototype

Below, you can find the interactive high-fidelity prototype. Feel free to go through the platform and tell me what you liked or what I could improve on! 

Welcome to the Baut App!

Prepare yourself to enter an app thats aiming to tackle a large problem but first with a small victory through a futuristic and sustainable approach, the Baut app.

Press "R" on your keyboard to restart on Welcome screen


Key Takeaways

Since this project stemmed from wanting to achieve the grand objective of fixing air pollution in Jakarta, it was consistently being revisited to ensure that it is always remembered and apparent. As a result, I learnt the importance of goal setting which heavily guided the types of approaches taken while designing the app. The goals kept the vision stable and clear, allowing the overall objective to not go hidden.

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