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hello there!

I'm Sara, a UX/UI designer from Toronto, Canada.


My passion for design originates from my desire to make a difference in peoples lives. As technology reaches considerable heights, our chances of making a differences in more areas of the world also increases and I intend to use my skillset, experience and knowledge to help those that need it the most. Projects that most excite me are those that target major global issues which are affecting many people at a time, however I also believe in small victories and that in this day and age with so many growing issues, small victories are still victories worth going after. 

When I am not thinking of how to conquer the world through design, you can find me googling animal shelters so I can adopt more animals or cheap flights to places I have listed on my bucket list. Through experience I have learnt immersing myself in new experiences and traveling is the best form of education which ultimately become the inspirations behind my designs

Reach out to me by clicking on the email icon below or through linkedin!

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