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Hi, i'm Sara,

a UX/UI Designer

let my ideas be your solutions

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Currently working at Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenships Canada

My Projects

The Case Processing Tool

UX designer

Improving and updating the case processing tool for agents/officers within the Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenships branch.

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The sleepwell App

ux/ui designer, project manager

Worked in a group to build the Sleepwell app that intends to target individuals with sleeping problems and provides them with sound aides such as sleeping sounds, stories, sleeping statistics and customizable mixes.

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Coming soon

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The Baut App

ux/ui designer, project manager

Introduced an entire new business idea, Baut for the RSA Design Competition 2020 and this case study showcases 1 of the major components of the business, the Baut app.

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Soundcloud Redesign

ux/ui designer

Rebranding the the popular music app, using thorough user and competitor research to improve it's functionality and user experience by capitalizing on its competitive advantage.

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Bugcrowd Inc.

web designer/developer

Worked alongside the Marketing team to rebrand the entire company and its online platform. Used various softwares to design new advertisements, banners, icons and implementing them with code on the company site.

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